Planet Pictures Media

…is a full service creative content producer.

The ever-shifting realm of new media is what makes us better… not what holds us back!

Planet Pictures is the next generation of production company, nimble, creative, collaborative and experienced both in traditional and emerging digital markets. Whether it be commercials, television series, promos, point-of-purchase exposure or branded content for the web… we believe what matters most are extraordinary images combined with inventive storytelling regardless of what device your content flows from.

At Planet Pictures Media we have learned from experience that bigger is not always better.  Our hybrid team of media experts, directors, animators and composers thrive in an ever-changing landscape with one singular focus… to produce performance driven results for you.

Director producer Gordon Carson Planet Pictures Media

Gordon Carson: Producer/Director

Gordon is an award-winning director/producer with over twenty years’ experience.  His extensive credits include television series, commercials, music videos, and animations.

Gordon completed three seasons as the series director on Guinea Pig for the Discovery Channel. He worked as a director/story producer on Making the Cut for CBC, and directed on the drama series Robson Arms for CTV.  Gordon continues to direct an HD series for Big Pictures Productions on IMAX Action/Adventure Films.  Recently he directed on the series Consumed a one hour documentary series for HGTV.

Gordon has built a solid reputation directing local, national and international award-winning commercials for such clients as IKEA, General Motors, Centra Gas and many others. His skill and creativity have garnered national and international awards, including Best TV Ad Campaign at the Lotus Awards, Gold at New York Festivals, Gold at the Mercury Awards New York and Gold Camera at the U.S. Chicago Awards.

Brand Manager and Creative Director Doug Brown of Planet Pictures Media

Doug Brown: Brand Manager/Creative Director

Doug has been building brands and creating engagement strategies between brands and customers for more than two decades. He began his career in the pressure cooker markets of Hong Kong and Singapore, so he can equally bring insight to a Fortune 500 company and a noodle shop.

A copywriter by training, he has headed up creative departments in multinational ad agencies around the world and wears a creative problem-solving hat at all times.  His creative philosophy is simple: don’t tell consumers how good your product or service is, show them. He believes that the digital revolution in customer behaviour is a boon for advertisers because it forces businesses to think more like customers.   He was a judge in the 1994 Miss Singapore pageant.

Director Cinematographer Alex Gower-Jackson of Planet Pictures Media

Alex Gower-Jackson: Director/Cinematographer 

Born under an African sky, Alex has been privileged with a breadth of knowledge and life experience that helps him connect with a wide audience.  In previous lives he was a farmer, photographer, teacher, and graphic designer. His goal is to be as creative as possible without compromise, in everything, and have a bunch of fun whilst doing it.  In Canada, Alex co-founded Barbershop Films in Vancouver, B.C. and was the principle Director/Creative Producer until 2008.   Alex has extensive directing/shooting experience in commercial and aerial production.

Alex worked on several projects promoting Canadian Tourism, and was involved with promoting the 2010 Winter Olympics.  Alex directed; You Gotta be Here – British Columbia Olympic TV ad campaign, and the Vancouver/Whistler portion of the Olympic opening ceremony film. Included in this work were extensive mini docs, aerial filming, and sports/adventure activities.

His recent work includes; Consumed season 1 & 2 as Series Director, a 1 hour documentary series for HGTV Canada, X-Weighted – Families a 1 hour documentary series for SLICE Network Canada.

Director and animator Stuart MacKay-Smith of Planet Pictures Media

Stuart MacKay-Smith:  Director, Animator, Editor, and Illustrator

Stuart has worked with musical acts such as: Seal, Afrika Bambaataa, Mix Master Mike, 50 Cent, Dinosaur Jr, Wheatus, Chantal Kreviazuk, The Hermit, Three Inches of Blood and many others.

His work has been featured in several documentaries and TV programs and his client list includes companies like Microsoft, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, New Line, Nike, and Sony Music. Stuart’s multi-faceted skill set, inventive creativity, and diligent work ethic has garnered notoriety and prestige in both the independent underground and corporate mainstream of music, cinema, and art.

Aerial photographer Jon Ritchie of Planet Pictures Media

Jon Ritchie:  Owner/operator  4D AERIALS (film in flight)

Planet Pictures works closely with Jon for any production that calls for low flying Aerial Cinematography.   Jon specializes in these specific shots using a state-of-the-art multi-rotor platform equipped with a 3 axis camera head.   This lightweight portable equipment enables us to travel and film from remote locations around the world.

Composer Brian Carson of Planet Pictures Media

Brian Carson:  Composer

An Emmy and Gemini winning composer, Brian’s music spans many genres and his composing style has been shaped by a wide variety of influences.  In 2000, he and song writing partner Scott Arkwell were signed to Nettwerk Records with an international release under the band name Lester.

Brian scores for television, film and video games, producing music for EACBCDiscovery ChannelE!and Warner Bros. Television.  The past few years have seen Brian composing for MTVLions Gate,NelvanaABC Family and the Cartoon Network. Brian works with an impressive list of talented musicians ranging from rock to hip-hop to orchestral.